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Not the economy…so I lied.

Posted by chrisrick13 on December 9, 2009

It is obvious: education is our future.

I cannot add to the debate on the budget statement.  I can say there are some I-told-you-so’s in there but I would wouldn’t I?  I can see what seems to be no brake on spending and budget deficits.  I don’t know how that can work.  I see another half trillion being added to the UK debt.

I’m not adding anything with my comments.  Wait and see what the markets say.

One of the implications of the promises made is the coming huge cuts in non-protected areas.  These include higher education – note schools are to be protected and that does not include universities.  This means university education will have a double digit cut in funds.  I have to admit being very happy about this.  The fewer people getting degrees the less competition there is for me as I try to stay in employment.  These graduates are not getting jobs anyway so why bother educating them?

Some point in the future there will be people desperate for my skills and there will be no young people with education or experience to compete with me.  Good news indeed.  I notice that there will be no reduction in police spending.  My goodness will they be needed with all these bright young adults sitting around all day with nothing to do other than work out ways to take their required funds from the rest of us.

Still there is one big plus.  We will be taking a big step on the race to the bottom.  We will be able to beat all our rivals in the rush to get to third world wage levels.  Then we’ll be competitive in world markets.  Pull out your rule of 70.  The average household income is about $45,000, it only takes 7 years on 70% inflation and that will be a dollar-a-day.  We don’t even need Zimbabwean inflation to get there.

It is obvious: education is our future and we don’t have either.

One Response to “Not the economy…so I lied.”

  1. Bill said

    No, I can’t understand it either. Not enough cuts and not enough taxes to balance the books but then the statement that we will halve the debt in four years. Could it be that this isn’t a financial budget but an election one? Should we read “the economy is still in recession and too weak to withstand cuts yet” to really mean “the Party is still too low in the polls and too weak to withstand either any taxes or service cuts yet”?

    On the subject of education I do think its the wrong area to cut BUT I do think it is right to cut University education. There seems to be an emphasis on the academic while what the country needs is a range of skills and particularly practical skills. We are probably self-sufficient in skills such as media studies and such?

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