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MInd you don’t cut yourself

Posted by chrisrick13 on January 9, 2010

It is obvious: cuts in government spending are coming.

Over the Christmas break I have put on 6 lbs that I know will take at least 4 times longer to take off.  I know why this is so but it does not stop me putting the weight on.  I have also written a number of entries but finally rejected them all.  So I have had a break…not.

I have watched debates over the economy turn from Labour taunting Conservatives over their cuts to a debate over who will cut the most without harming the economy.  It all sounds a bit like the arguments over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin: it is a ridiculous argument, everyone knows it’s 56.

Both parties are promising a range of cuts that will cut the deficit.  We can rest safe in our beds.  No matter who wins the election, the deficit will be cut.  Our problems are over.  Both major parties and by inference a hung parliament will cut the deficit.  A mixture of budget cuts, higher taxation, and increased economic activity will reduce the deficit to a manageable level in just a few short years.

I asked a number of people what a cut in deficit means.  They could all see it was a trick question.  I got funny looks and puzzled brows and then eventually they all agreed that it was a cut in the amount of money that was owed by the UK.

Oh dear.  Deficit cuts are cuts in the amount of debt that we run up each year, not a cut in the overall debt.  We are going to run up a whole load more debt before we get to balance.  Indeed the labour figures show an increased deficit initially.

Another move showing that you can fool most of the people most of the time.

It is obvious: cuts in government spending are coming, not enough, not in time, not believable, not likely.

One Response to “MInd you don’t cut yourself”

  1. Bill said

    Nice one! I hadn’t picked up on the differnce between a cut in the deficit and a cut in the amount owed. It just shows that you have to have legal training to examine all that politicians say.

    Perhaps what we need (or is it just me?) is a simple balance sheet showing the amount HMG is going to spend (broken down into useful money and that spent servicing their debt), what their income is. I supose they’d cheat again by doing things like PFI, which isn’t actually a debt but still is expenditure committed by the gov.

    Incidentally – It Is Obvious – that now you have a job you are doing less blogging. Is that because you have less time or that you are more content with your lot…?

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