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More than my job’s worth

Posted by chrisrick13 on March 19, 2010

It is obvious: some jobs are harder than others.

I design and build software for a living.  There are times when it consumes my whole life.  A complete design might be buzzing around in my head.  I need to keep it there or the effort to put it all back is immense.  It is bad enough going to sleep at night.

 The stuff I produce is also expected to work and I have to set up a testing framework so that I can prove to external testers that it does work.  Along the way I have to say how long it will take and how much it will cost.  As time moves along my estimates are expected to get better and better.

I have to forsee problems, warn of them, propose solutions and keep the system I am building performing to an agreed set of measures.

I am not special.  We all do it.  Despite some big failures a lot of us do it well.

If you are running the Bank of England things seem a little different.  Keep inflation close to 2% is the only measure.  The BoE has failed.  Is the Governor to be sacked?  Is there going to be an enquiry into the failure?  Oh no, just drop a line to the Chancellor tell him you missed your only measure.

I also notice that Mervyn King said that he was going to fail in the other direction in the following months.  I looked hard for his plan to prevent that from happening.  I thought I might see what he had done to try and prevent this further failure.  I thought there might have been an analysis of what caused the failure and what they had learnt.  Nothing.

Either there was nothing they could do or it just doesn’t matter.

It is obvious: some jobs are very easy.

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