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You win some, you lose some

Posted by chrisrick13 on May 12, 2010

It is obvious: there was a big winner in the election.

The ruling coalition has made the small political parties irrelevant.  Their only hope was a Labour/Liberal coalition.  They need not bother coming to London.  Perhaps in their constituencies they can do good work.  This includes the Welsh, NI, and Scottish MPs.  Alas, it also includes the Green lady.

On the news this morning every Labour politician was grinning from ear-to-ear.  They were talking about renewal.  They kept Gordon Brown in power to ensure they didn’t win and now he has gone.  The Argentinian effect will kick in.  They will be back in power for a very long time and they won’t have to wait 5 years.

It is obvious: there was a big winner in the election, and they are not in government.

One Response to “You win some, you lose some”

  1. Bill said

    You are probably right (sigh) people have short memories. They will only accept blaming it on the last governement for a limited length of time.

    They are also prepared to accept large cuts in income, but (this is the big but) only if the cut in income is for someone else. I’m just waiting for the squeal as the poor plead poverty and the rich hire accountants/lawyers and it falls on the middle class to pay (yet again).

    There is a limited window (honeymoon period) to make large cuts in expediture:
    Benefits freeze
    Gov. Pensions alignment with private sector (ie NO final salary schemes)
    Defense (Tories cut defence???)
    NHS Management/bureaucracy (If only – NHS front line staff would really love this)

    But will it happen?

    I’m a cynic

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