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Posted by chrisrick13 on May 19, 2010

It is obvious: I love the media.

I am fed up of hearing reporters asking government ministers why they have changed policy to that of the coalition partner’s policy.  They seem determined to make the ministers publicly uncomfortable and expose the fact that there are differences between the parties.

We know that!!!!!  If they had the same policies then they would be the same party!!!!!!!

It is obvious: I love the media and I hate it as well.

8 Responses to “Tell me something useful”

  1. Bill said

    Here, here!!

    The BBC posts its reporters outside buildings (like the house of Commons) for no other reason than to have a scenic backdrop. Then, presumably because they are there, they are asked for their comments even if there is no news. No wonder they express amazement that Lib-Dems and Tories don’t have the same views and that there are compromises.

    I’m adicted to the media but I wouldn’t say that I loved it – I also never cease to be disappointed by it. To be fair there are people that I respect Peston, Flanders etc. – not that I agree with everything they say – more that they do seem to have thought about what they say – and deeply!

  2. Mark said

    The root cause is they have to fill x hundred hours per day/week with ‘news’. We don’t get more coverage when there is more news; it doesn’t work like that.

    So when there is little news, they simply lower the bar and generate ‘news’ from no news, or not much news.

    I hate the media.

    I wish to the core of my being that the BBC would send Peston for speech therapy if it’s an affliction, or sack him if it’s an affectation.

    • I saw an interview with Michael Gove, someone I am getting to like. The interviewer asked him a long question. He responded ‘Yes’. There was a long silence. The reporter was ready to spend some long time squeezing an answer beyond his prevarication. It was lovely to watch. Still the reporter rallied and asked another question. Back came: ‘Yes’. There was a hurried ‘thankyou’ and a handover back to the studio. It didn’t end there. The ‘anchor’ woman had some seconds of paper shuffling until something came on her prompt and she got on with the next item. What revenge on the media if politicians came on and answered all questions with a yes/no or a don’t know? If Michael Gove stood for God I might vote for him.

  3. Amnesiac said

    This is a bit of a pointless post as I can’t find the webpage where I saw this but…

    A did see a webpage (a comment on one of the BBC reporter blogs) that said basically that the numbers for the nation debt were so divorced from reality that most the the population just ignored them – so they put it in ‘household’ terms. As I can’t remember excatly the figures please forgive but it was something like.

    You go to your bank manger and say I know I owe you £24,000 but you know I have an income of £48K so can pay the interest. He replies, yes but your current expenditure is £59K per year, so that doesn’t sound like a risk-free deal for me and you come back with “Hum, what if I reduce my annual spending by £620?”.

    I think you then multiply all the figers by 10,000,000 and you have the national position. It brings it all down to human terms or at least to numbers I can relate to!

    Sorry that this is garbled! I would dearly like to see and read the article (blog response) again but I just can’t find it. I don’t suppose you have seen it?

  4. Number 6 said

    It is Obvious: that you are now moderating the comments – I hope not to censor/redact them

  5. Bill said

    The media are now on the ‘Laws’ case.

    From ther point of view it would seem that the issue is that he is gay and thus unfairly treated. To my mind ithe issue is something else because he paid his partner £40,000 to rent a house they both lived in – if he just cohabited there is no additional expense involved.

    I can’t see why he needed to claim the expenses at all, it just isn’t a genuine expense.

    Have I missed something?

  6. Nutkin said

    It is Obvious: That you haven’t blogged for a while.

    Could it be that the whole economic mess has finally got to you and you are being forced to save electricity by switching off the computers and internet?

    Are you working so hard (to get money to pay off the national debt) that you haven’t the spare time for blogging.

    Or are you just having a break given the (occasional) nice weather?

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