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Good work if you can get it

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 30, 2010

It is obvious: I have no idea what is going on.

There is a job where you have to run a system that keeps a dial close to a certain mark.  There is a lever that you can use to control it.  Push it one way and the dial moves in that direction and v-v.  There is a bit of a lag so it needs a bit of care not to push it too far.  You have to push it and watch.  Then make adjustments to slow any movement and centralise it back on the mark by pulling back a bit.

You have to tell your boss if you are too far away from the mark.

It is quite acceptable that over a period of 4 years if you are too far away from your mark for 3.5 of those years nothing happens.  You can also walk around telling people that not only will you be too far away from your mark for the next couple of years you aren’t going to push the lever during that time either.  Still nothing happens like: you getting the sack.

Sound like an interesting job?  You will be paid a lot of money.  You only have to turn up once a month for two days.

Fancy it?  There is a spare place on the MPC right now.

It is obvious: I have no idea what is going on, and neither do those running the economy.

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Here we go again

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 29, 2010

It is obvious: I have been working for a living.

Without too much regret I found myself out of a contract and the only thing that came along was a real job.  This has left me little time to write my thoughts and in any event those thoughts are all about ETL software at the moment.

I will soon get my bus pass (if it is not chopped).  Getting a job or contract does become harder at that age.  Not to worry though – there will soon be legislation to ensure that we can work beyond 65.  Indeed I do think that people who want to work right up to 65 and beyond are a good bet.  Not only do they have a lot of experience and are used to working but they are doing it for very good reasons.  I might say they are desperate, but that might be unfair.  Perhaps better to say that they will have some very good reasons to be working and will be committed.  Not only will they have experience but they are likely to work in jobs that they are overqualified for.  Add in the fact that NI is no longer paid, they are a bargain.  I can think of other benefits as well.

The benefit for the country as a whole is that there will be no state pension payments until that new retirement age is reached…whether you have a job or not.  There will be a lengthening gap between when you finish a job and before you start to get a pension, unless you take a job, probably, below your skill level, and certainly below your pay level to fill the gap.  It is another step in the race to the bottom.

This is a good thing all round…except if you are 18.  There are high levels of unemployment in school and university leavers and all these pensioners are going to be taking jobs away from young people with no work ethic and no experience, increasing those levels.

At least those youngsters without jobs won’t have to support the older generation.  Indeed it will be the other way around.

Of course, by the time the 65+ generation start dying out of their jobs there will be a younger generation that are now in their prime who have never had a job.

If I carry on I will be able to come up with yet more reasons why working past 65 is a bad idea, just supposing that there are jobs around for them to do.  I wonder why there is no mention of the downsides of this idea?

It is obvious: I have been working for a living, keeping a couple of youngsters out of a job.

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Keep your brain in gear

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 2, 2010

It is obvious: politicians talk a lot.

The referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) system has been announced.  It will happen in May next year.

The conservatives will oppose but not too loudly.  They are relying on two well-funded lobby groups to send the message.  They can act on principle and leave the dirty work (persuading us) to others.

The system allows you to rank candidates in order and if one does not have a simple majority the bottom candidate is knocked out and his/her second choice votes given to the other candidates.  This is repeated until someone has a majority.  In effect it allows for contingent tactical voting.  Vote for your guy and if he does not get in then you can have a say in which of those remaining gets in.  You vote for your Liberal candidate, he come third so your second choice is the Labour candidate to stop the Conservative getting in.  That works the other way round with Labour voters, but Conservatives as poorly served.  It may be a way of returning us to a truly two party system.  I think it not well thought out at all.  If everyone just entered one choice and refused to take part then we would be back to first past the post anyway.

At the moment only about a third of MPs have a simple majority in their constituencies.

What this entry is really about was the comment by David Milliband.  It was something like: at least now each MP will get the support of the majority of the electorate.  What utter tosh and he was not challenged.  It makes my blood boil that they are allowed to get away with this kind of comment.  It does not matter how you chop the votes around after the event, if a candidate did not get the support of 50% of the electorate there is nothing you can do to increase his support.  You did all you could on that front in the campaign before polling day.  You might well have found a way to persuade people to decide who came second for them but you have not changed the support for the candidate.  I cannot believe he was not challenged.

On my way home on the news the BBC trotted that line out.  Unbelievable…or perhaps believable.

On a more sobering note given the ‘man in the street’ interview I heard where the person questioned did not even know who was in power, is it likely that the AV system will be operated correctly by most voters?

It is obvious: politicians talk a lot and they go unchallenged.

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