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Local Hero (1)

Posted by chrisrick13 on October 17, 2010

It is obvious: there are a lot of people who have a firm grasp on reality.

I subscribe to PC Pro magazine.  Recommended by a good friend, it really is excellent.  When it arrives I rip the cover off, shred the address label, shake out the advertising inserts into my paper recycler bin, and go and sit on the loo.  I often sit there until my legs hurt.  When I am done (not the magazine) I throw it in one of the boxes that holds bathroom junk.  Next time I am on the loo I can just reach it and read some more.  By the end of the month I have read and re-read all of it.  On top of all the technical stuff there are four or five gems in there: the technical people write columns.  I like Dick Pountain his view on things often coincides with mine, the editor always has something good to say.  All of them always make me think.

Step forward Jon Honeyball.  At the back he writes wry comment on some PC related topic every month.  The articles are gems amongst gems, but this month he cleared a very high bar by a couple of meters.

He tackled two topics with a fearlessness I wished I could match.  I will not say much about the article.  You have to go and read it.  However he did quote Brian Cox and I will summarise that quote: we know everything theoretical about fusion, to make it happen is only an engineering problem, given that it will solve so many problems for the human race I cannot understand why it has not even been seriously tackled.

We have an energy problem.  Not that we don’t have enough, because the sun throws huge amounts at us every day.  It is just that it is not available in useful forms for us.  We have chosen to use energy today that arrived from the sun millions of years ago, which has been stored underground, and release it into the atmosphere.  Given that the energy arriving pretty much balances against the energy leaving the planet, if we release stored energy things are likely to get hotter, at least on a temporary basis geologically speaking.  Not to worry because oil will run out soon enough.

And that ties in with my earlier blogs.  Why are we trying to give degrees to 45% of the population when 40 years ago it was 5%?  We need to find those thinkers, educate them, sit them in ivory towers and let them get on with solving problems.  We need to educate and train a bunch of doers who can take those ideas and exploit them.  That leaves the rest of us to get on with building and running a society that the human race can be proud of.

Take your bow Jon Honeyball – you say it so much better than I can.

It is obvious: there are a lot of people who have a firm grasp on reality and they seem to get heard a lot less than those that don’t.

One Response to “Local Hero (1)”

  1. M said

    In times where dumbing down is ubiquitous it’s great to find a magazine that includes hard-core tech-talk as well as the usual reviews. In passing, RIP Byte Magazine.

    It’s a pleasure to read detailed technical articals written by clever and knowledgeable people.

    Mind you, point the reccomended software, httpwatch at pcpro’s own website and be horrified at the bandwidth wasted by the adverts, which rolls up and up and up as the ads constantly reload (but not for users of AdMuncher).

    Several MB/minute. Not good if you have a laptop with a 3G mobile dongle.

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