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Posted by chrisrick13 on November 5, 2010

It is obvious: we are all packages.

It is hard to imagine anyone who is further away from me on the political spectrum than he is.  Silly old eccentric I have heard him called and I will agree he is eccentric and old.

He is socialist to his core but was 2nd Viscount Stansgate and called his son Hilary, throwing all that off when he changed his name to Tony Benn,  passing his peerage off to someone else.

In amongst all the stuff he is that I oppose to my very core are two things.  The first are the 5 questions he asks of anyone with power:

What power have you got?
Where did you get it from?
In whose interests do you use it?
To whom are you accountable?
How do we get rid of you?

How telling those questions are.  Can you imagine Mugabe or Putin or anyone of a number of world leaders answering those questions to anything but derision from those listening?

The second is his idea of what to do with at least some of the North Sea oil revenues when he was energy minister in the 70’s.  He suggested that a ‘sovereign fund’ be created so that the UK had a big pot of money to act decisively with at key moments.  Silly old fool.  He was laughed out of court.

It is obvious: we are all packages, but it is always worthwhile opening the lid and having a poke around inside.

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