It is Obvious

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Snowed in

Posted by chrisrick13 on December 2, 2010

It is obvious: it is getting warmer.

At the Northern end of the Gulf Stream there are ‘chimneys’ of cold water.  Some call them elevators.  Usually there are 7-12 of them and they are huge.  They are essential for the Gulf Stream to flow.  In 2005 there were only 2 and they were weak.  However they are still there.

If they all disappear and the Gulf Stream stops then the UK climate stops being oceanic and becomes continental.  Essentially our climate will become very similar to Siberia’s, and it will happen over a couple of months.  This does not preclude the elevators starting up again, but we do not know what is needed for that to happen.

The problems with global warming are bad enough with less water in places where it is needed.  However the other problem is that the weather will vary more.  It will become more extreme particularly in transition from summer to winter.

When anyone mentions global warming you can comment how astute they are to recognise that cold weather like this is a consequence.

It is obvious: it is getting warmer and colder.


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