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Good news (1)

Posted by chrisrick13 on December 9, 2010

It is obvious: good things are happening the world over.

I’m desperate to write about good things.  Not only does it give a counter-point to what I normally do, it is so depressing digging out morose stuff all the time.  Alas I have a bad twist on this good news.  No matter it IS good news.

Yesterday there was a splash…in the Pacific.  It was the return of a capsule launched into space some 4 hours earlier.  What makes it good news is that it was done by a private company.  They did it first time and it cost much less than comparable national space projects.  NASA had a hand in funding it and it is a complex story, but they did it.  It puts Branson’s plans into perspective.

Our future lies in the asteroid belt and we are as a race now so overspent on our capacity to get into space that we are not likely ever to get there.  However this does offer a little bit of hope.

There isn’t a Bill Gates building a fusion reactor in his garage, but there are a lot of ingenious people doing stuff on a much smaller than national scale and doing it cheaply and with diversity.

What depresses me is that I only know this story by chance.  Why is it not splashed all over the news?  At the least you might think that the 24 hour news programmes would be glad of  a snippet like this to fill some air minutes.  There was even video footage available.


It is obvious: good things are happening the world over but you have to work hard to hear about them.

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