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Local Hero (6)

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 23, 2011

It is obvious: the obvious stuff is all around us.

Dr Albert Bartlett – the emeritus Professor of Physics at Colorado University.  (‘Emeritus’ means unpaid, I just found out.)  He is a charming and unassuming man.  He is one of my heroes because of a lecture, he has given many times, that can be seen at:

He has a lifetime of achievements – been there and done it all, can well be said of him.  As he is emeritus he clearly has money!  He is 88 so all that he talks about is not going to affect him.  In short he has no vested interest in what he is talking about.  Such provenance makes what he says worthy of a listen.

His lecture is a calm, lucid, explanation of his theme.  It is absorbing viewing.

I won’t spoil it with a summary.  I will say that he talks in the general area of curves that are followed to their natural end.  This is something that I have campaigned against endlessly in this blog and elsewhere.  However it is consideration of what happens when the curves are not followed that is, let me grasp for some appropriate words, sobering, frightening, terrifying, thought provoking.  All of his theme is around the rule of 70.

There are many, many good words in his talk, all of them in the right order.  I offer my favourite:

We cannot let others do our thinking for us.

I wished I had his command of words.

It is obvious: the obvious stuff is all around us, but it often takes masters to make it so.

2 Responses to “Local Hero (6)”

  1. Bill said

    Worrying and very, very lucid – hope I will be this way at 88. Mind you I’m not that lucid now and I’ve 20+ years to go!!

    The lecture cuts off abruptly before the end – is it on the net elsewhere?


  2. There are 8 parts each of about 9 minutes on YouTube.

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