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Posted by chrisrick13 on April 20, 2011

It is obvious: one man, one vote

I love the people who do not vote.  It gives my vote more weight.  If one in three people vote then my vote is worth 3 times what it would be worth if everyone voted.  I send them my thanks.  It sometimes was a struggle, but I’ve never missed a vote.

I hate the man-in-the-street interviews on the news.  I want to hear experts not idiots.  I have moaned often.  Yet I am drawn to an interview before the election.  someone was asked about their voting intentions and their response was something along the lines of “Let me see?  Who is in power at the monent?”  Remember that Labour had been in charge for 13 years at that point.

It is to people such as the one above that we are going to give the opportunity to decide how voting will be done in this country for the next thousand years.  I can mis-quote Walter Lippman: democracy is too important to be left to the people.

Do we understand AVS?  It is simple.  You vote for one person and if nobody gets an outright majority then the people who voted for the least popular person can have their votes given to another candidate.  It is repeated until someone does get a majority.  I’ll vote for X if he doesn’t get in then I’ll vote for Y, if not then I’ll vote for Z.

That bit is simple, but what does it mean?  What are the implications?  I don’t know enough about it to determine the real effect.  However I can draw some simple examples.  Suppose that 2 parties both get 49,000 votes and a third, some extremist white supremacist candidate gets 2,000.  Your MP will be decided by those extremists.  You can draw up other scenarios where someone gets most votes but does not quite win and the second votes of a bunch of other parties eventually sum up to beat the person with the most votes.

However it will tend to clump up all the right, centre and left wing votes.  Then all the second votes will be based on hate.  If my guy cannot get in then I’ll do my best to make sure that the one furthest away from me does not get in.

It is complex.  I can’t work out the implications.  How many of us can?

It is obvious: one man, one vote…on very rare occasions.

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