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I’m unemployed (8)

Posted by chrisrick13 on August 31, 2011

It is obvious: they have won

I went in, for the last time, and told them I could not sign on in two weeks as I was on a training course.  So I was told I had to sign off.  I complained and was wheeled in front of a manager.  A nasty woman.  She repeated the words.  I said that I was engaged in activities that were designed to get me a job.  She smiled derisevly at me and said the problem was that I was not available for work.  I said that I didn’t have a job but if one came avaialble I would instantly walk out of the course and start doing it.  She was horrified: “What about the people who paid for your course?”  “That would be me,” I replied.  She sat back, “you have to sign off”.  I told here what I thought of her organisation.

Following that I got 6 letters from the Job Centre.  This was the paperwork required to take me out of the system…and to keep Job Centre staff busy.

So now I have reduced the job seekers count by 1.  When you see the count on the news, remember to add 1 to it as I am still job-seeking.  In fact given my experience you probably need to add 1 million to it.

It is obvious: they have won…they always do.

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