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Financial crisis solved!

Posted by chrisrick13 on November 25, 2011

It is obvious: HMRC acts very quickly

I am today not in a good humour.  I normally am as you can tell from my blogs.

I do self-assessment tax returns.  This is not because I’m a rich ba****d but because I run my own company and am a company director.

Four days ago I got a threatening letter from the HMRC.  The first line was that they had contacted me previously – no they had not.  I owed a small amount of money but when I tried to pay it online when I filed my tax return it would not accept the money.  I thought to wait for their demand.  The letter said it was being handed over to their debt collectors.

All of that is moot as they had made a mistake and owed me money!

I have now just finished my sixth call over the last few days on expensive 0845 numbers.  Many of those calls lengthened by long waits at the beginning.  At least it is no longer Greensleeves.  I think that the government is going to clear the deficit off my phone bill.

However the timeline is that I cleared the amount owing (about £350).  I delayed but I didn’t want to have all my records turned over to a debt collection agency.  So I paid.

Then I chased the mistake.  They owed me £430.  They gave in on this quickly and are sending the £83.

So I contacted them about the £350 which I now want back.  Yes I can have it back…but it will be 42 days before I can get it!

This error was expressed as an underpayment from previous years.  Given that I pay (when I owe money) with a cheque…because if you don’t then they set the dogs on you…I could not owe from previous years.  This is how the system works.

I think that they have deliberate error in there.  Why?  Because now that I go back I see that there is an underpayment every year on my tax return.  The system is so complex I just assumed that it was some adjustment that I did not understand.  Nope – it was an error on their part.  I could earn a lot of money today.

My wife complains that I have all my financial records in storage back to when I was a student.  Maybe today they will start to earn their keep.

So if you have under-payments from previous years check them carefully.  You might not have underpaid and HMRC might just owe you.

It is obvious: HMRC acts very quickly – except when it is to your benefit

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