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Iron now while the strike is hot

Posted by chrisrick13 on November 29, 2011

It is obvious: strike now

The strike tomorrow is relevant to family Rick as the only family worker is a teacher.  My wife does not get a teacher’s pension so striking for better conditions on a pension is not something she is particularly bothered about.  Her boss moved from Croydon with her to Waltham Forest so they are going to have a meeting at his house in the morning rather than travel over there.  Then I have to collect the remains from the pub in the early afternoon.

The government is reducing teacher’s pensions because they thought it a jolly fine idea to stick a spike into them to ginger them up a bit.  They also thought that by alienating lots of teachers it would improve their election chances next time round.  They also thought that a days unpaid leave would give them some well deserved rest and an opportunity to build some new skills or improve old ones.  It is a win-win situation.

The current funding of the teacher’s pension is not enough to meet the promises made in the past, in a very different world.  They were promises made in good faith assuming a stable, ordered, exponentially growing world (sic).  They cannot be met other than by the government putting money into the pension fund.  Many billions would have to go into the fund.  Were it £10bn (and it is more) then I’ll need £100 off you.  I’m coming round so much to take money off you nowadays, perhaps it would be better if you set up a standing order.  I am passing it all on to the government…honest.  I’m thinking of taking a small percentage as a management fee.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to put it to one of the union leaders: the government will have to put money into the pension fund to maintain the current levels of benefit so where should it come from?  Perhaps the NHS budget, maybe the education budget, the ambulance service, police, cancer research, social services.  These union leaders are demanding money for their members.  It will have to come from some other union’s members or maybe just those that do not have a union?

Don’t forget that borrowing money to spend now and pay back later, no matter how good the cause carries a body count.  So will any subsidy by government of the teacher’s pension fund.

Just thought.  The strike is estimated to cost £1/2bn.  That is cheap – only a tenner.  I can get that when I collect the teachers’ pension fund contribution off you.

It is obvious: strike now while you can

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