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Beware the Ides of March

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 16, 2012

It is obvious: the rumour is worse than the reality

I spent a little time surfing the internet this morning.  I was looking at the sides of the argument about 3-valued logic in SQL implementations and 2-valued logic in the relational model.  It is a little mind-boggling that you are trying to work to something that has a theoretical underpinning that differs for all implementations and the international standard.

I must have put in a multi-valued key word as I serendipitously came across a lot of rumour about Greece and its impending default.    Obviously this lured me away from my academic studies.  Most of the stuff I was reading had little provenance.  A couple had some claims to a basis in truth.  They had consensus: 23rd March.

That is interesting as Greece needs money before then to avoid a default…but everyone knows that.

There were a lot of conspiracy theories about a Greek bailout deal nearly being made on many occasions and then someone coming along and spoiling it with new and unreasonable demands.  There was the demand that Greece should guarantee to keep to the deal no matter who is in power in April.  This followed hard on the heals of demands for an extra £320mn of saving.  So it is that a deal has been a long time in coming…but that is what has happened for a long time so nobody really thought much of it.

I am not Greek and not in Greece.  Were I then I would get any money I had out of the country and into something that had the smell of safe-haven.  Probably Swiss Francs.  I would get all my Euros out of bank accounts and into hard coins and notes in a box in the garden.  I would make sure that none of those notes had the Greek designation on them.  I would make sure that there was plenty of long store food in the kitchen, etc., etc.  If I have thought of it at this late stage then you can be sure that the Greeks are way ahead of me.  All this abnormal movement of money must be creating havoc with the economy in general and the money ‘systems’ within Greece and throughout Europe.

I think the biggest problem could easily be the notes and coins in circulation and the demand of the population to get them from the banks before they are turned into Drachmas.

It is obvious: the rumour is worse than the reality but not all the time


One Response to “Beware the Ides of March”

  1. Bill said

    I wonder if I should go through my holiday Euros and check what country they come from.

    I’d have to make piles: Greece to the left then a pile for Portugal, Italy and Spain, now a big oile in the middle for france and every one except Germany, Finland and Holland?

    I’m loosing the plot of Greece! Are they (the Greeks) going for the deal today? And if they are, arte the rest of Europe OK with that too?

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