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Bright idea (98)

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 22, 2012

It is obvious: the sun will rise in the morning

Only 3 days commuting on Motorways and I have fallen into the pattern that I developed on my last long-term motorway commute.  In the morning, quite early, I dawdle in at 60 mph getting 50-plus-a-lot MPG.  In the evening it is an indicated 80 in the outside lane.  At least for a little of the time.  I have to move over as lot of people are going past me like I am standing still.

I see a lot of idiocy on the roads as we all do.  I see high-speed lane switching and tail-gating.  At low-speed in a city it mostly costs money.  On the motorway it costs lives.

I remember a ‘Peer of the Realm’ having a crash on the motorway and on inspection of his phone records they could deduce that he was on the motorway in the period before the accident on his phone.  They could not nail phone use as the cause of the accident but they did him for the crash and the phone use and threw the (phone)book at him.

A recent e-mail conversation of some friends about how much your phone/e-mail providers know about you suggests to me that they can do a lot better now.  Should you care to look, the phone company has plenty of information about where you are and when.  So should it see your phone is in Leicester at mid-day and Watford at 13:00 then by definition you have been speeding.  £60 fine in the post.  You have the option to finger someone else who was driving your phone around and they get the fine plus 3-points.  Lots of details and boundary cases, but a lot of loonies in fast cars will start to drive a bit slower.  Turning their phone off does not help.  A lot of expensive phones will be ‘lost’ – same as a fine.

We are on a lot of exponential curves and are just turning the corner on this one.

It is obvious: the sun will rise in the morning…and Greece will default


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  1. Bill said

    It isn’t only HMG that can track mobile phones. You can do it yourself for your children now and if the public have the option then you can bet that the government have gone one better. Given that all mobile phone calls are digital now don’t you think that all or a goodly selection calls are being recorded and sent to Cheltenham? Number plate recognition is at such a stage that vehicles arriving at/leaving each town may soon be logged? I notices that GPS jammers were in the news, they are being used to stop firms knowing where their driver actually are…

    We are in a society where those in power have the means to monitor a great deal of what we do. We are lucky that face recognition software still isn’t brilliant with low-res pictures otherwise the CCTV cameras would be linked to databases and discovering exactly what we are all up to.

    When they have finally cracked it and have this ability it won’t be long until it gets into the commercial sphere and you can be targeted for the appropriate advertising. BT was stopped using data on the browsing habits of its users for advertising. But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t continuing to collect the data!

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