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Read the contract

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 29, 2012

It is obvious: one of the worms is wiggling

Remember the treaty that was not a treaty that Mr Cameron vetoed?  What was it all about?  It seemed pretty important then.  I remember that it said that every nation had to adhere to a strict set or rules on spending, made strict by the penalties which would plunge an offender into even deeper trouble.  There was other stuff that I don’t remember.  It was agreed a long time ago now and I thought it was a done deal and all in place – there seemed a deal of urgency about it.  It is not.

The ‘treaty’, and I have to use quotes as I don’t have a good word to describe it, was supposedly couched in sufficient words that all the nations’ parliaments could pass it into law without any nasty democratic stuff like a referendum.  But they did not get it past the attorney-general in Ireland.  There will have to be a referendum.  This involves the Irish people who twice had to asked twice before they got the ‘right’ answer on EU matters over recent years.  I suspect that despite all the weight that will be put behind a ‘YES’ vote that it will be a close run ‘NO’.

But it does not matter.  The ‘treaty’ only needs ratifying by 12 of the nations – the treaty writers have learnt some lessons.  I wonder how workable it is if some of the nations are using the rules but some of them are not?  We are going to find out soon.  Not only is Ireland lining up for a place on the other side, the likely winner of the French Presidency race has said he will be over there with them post-haste.  Not that there is much to be concerned with as the previous set of rules for running economies were ignored by nearly all the signatories.

So, Irish people, it does not matter whether you get the right answer to this question or not as with only 12 ratifications needed you are not.  Let’s see.


It is obvious: one of the worms is wiggling a couple of nails will sort it out


One Response to “Read the contract”

  1. M359 said

    The Irish (like some character I know) seem to vote alterately Yes and No, so you can get them to agree to anything if you ask them often enough. I think around the time World War 1 that the Irish had a question to themsleves ‘King or Kaiser?’

    It seems that the question hasn’t gone away – but this time they will be selecting Kaiser. After a few false starts…

    Democracy appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate, and I’m sure that press freedoms (together with investigative journalism) will also be curtailed after Leverson.

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