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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 13, 2012

It is obvious: I am writing fiction for fun

I just dipped into the news on the internet and two lovely items got my attention.

First Lord Browne, ex of BP, was telling a conference that due to the ‘fracking’ technique the US had effectively got unlimited oil and would stop importing oil by 2030.  He was talking at a conference on water, food and oil scarcity.  Fracking caused earthquakes when done just off the coast of Blackpool and is well known to pollute water tables.  I wonder whether he was talking about making the problem or fixing it.  Maybe he was just indicating the opportunity to switch an energy problem for a water problem.  His new job?  a Director of fracking firm Cuadrilla.

The government is creating a fund that banks can use to borrow money cheaply to lend to small businesses and people wanting mortgages.  They can borrow from this scheme up to 5% of their current lending and if they lend more they can get more from the scheme.  The interest on my savings account at Barclays, only a temporary home I add, is under 1%.  Isn’t that cheap enough for them?  I’ll lend them money at the same rate the government does any time and I’ll put money on it that it is more than 1%.

It is obvious: I am writing fiction for fun but reality is stealing all my outrageous ideas

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