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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 14, 2012

It is obvious: a fool and his money are easily parted

While I was in Perth at the beginning of the year I hired a house to sleep 12 (and we stuck 17 in for some of the time).  Having paid $6,000 it annoyed me that there were a lot of ‘niggles’ about the place.  The pool lights did not work and they would have added a lot having the pool lit at the end of each day.  When I rang the owner there was a comment that it was difficult to get them mended but no thought that they would actually be fixed.  The house was in an area where all the houses had pools and lights that worked.  There were other faults and I really should have pressed the point.  Certainly a lot of stuff that I put effort in with my rental house was not done here.  After we left there was a bogus retention from my deposit for something that we had not done.  We will never go back yet a small effort would have had us recommending the place and using it if we went back with large numbers.

I had a sore throat for much of the time and did not start running on the beach until the last 3 days.  I went with Katherine as all the other sloths lay abed.  On the way back we stopped at a beach front cafe and had coffee, studiously avoiding the cakes.  On the third day I looked at the people buying the coffee.  We had been in at 07:00 and at 09:00 and in the first week when not well had driven past and dropped in at 06:30.  The press for drinks over that 3 hour period I estimated at $10 a minute.  I’m sure it was more.  That 3-hour morning period was easily replicated over the rest of the day.  I did the arithmetic for a 200-day year including cost of coffee, staff, lease or rental.  The person who runs it is getting $400,000 in his/her pocket each year.  They could  use a manager leaving $300,000 and all they would have to do would be to stir themselves to count the money each week.

The cafe was ‘done’ well.  The detail was covered.  A certain ‘feel’ or ‘look’ had been created.  Serving was efficient and fast, courteous and helpful.  None of it remotely difficult to achieve.  If it is that easy why am I not doing it?  Perhaps not a cafe, but something?

I shall ponder that over coming weeks.

It is obvious: a fool and his money are easily parted while a lot of  ‘smart’ people never join up in the first place.

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