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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 17, 2012

It is obvious: I know what I’m doing

In the sixties Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers.  Not a bit like the films…or rather the films were not a bit like the book.  Turns out that Heinlein was a bit of an extremist.  In the book he had the idea that you could not vote unless you signed up and did a stint fighting the ‘Bugs’.  These insect things were a bit of a nuisance so nobody who signed up ever left.  Not sure how voting was done.

I was with a friend for lunch on Monday and he spiked an idea for me.  My son blames the world’s ills on capitalism.  I disagree with him as I think that capitalism is a good way to get things to happen.  However we all act in our own self-interest and corrupt capitalism.  So I blame democracy for not regulating capitalism.  It is a poor way of going about things but everything else that has been tried, is being tried, is worse.  I know my vote is worth a heck of a lot more than anyone else’s because I have thought about things.  Funnily enough the person standing next to me on the bus absolutely knows his vote is worth a heck of a lot more than mine.  The woman three seats down knows that her vote is worth more than the two of us put together and most other people on the bus.

I read another science fiction story based on the idea that there were super AI’s around and what they did was interview just one person chosen at random and based on his/her profile and the answers given the AI was able to decide on how the country/world should be run for the next few years.  We’ll maybe get there one day.

So if my vote is worth more than the next person’s why not give me the chance to prove it.  I’m not going to join the army.  I’m too old anyway.  I always support England, be it Tiddleywinks, football, rugby, cricket, or international watching paint dry matches…oh that is cricket.  I should get an extra vote every time I watch.  I certainly should get an extra vote every time I drive to the tip.  Jury service ought to earn me votes.  Putting my bin out on the right day for a year is worth reward.  Everyone who doesn’t watch Coronation Street for a year gets an extra vote.

How about getting votes based on how much money I voluntarily give to the government.  Then there would be none of this funding of political parties rows.  Instead of spending £1m on advertising to get 10,000 votes using money given by a donor, why not let the donor give the £1m direct to the government and be awarded those votes cutting out the middleman?

Why not the army as well.  An extra vote for every year of service.  Police, nursing, hospital porters.  Any job that involves an element of self-sacrifice.  After 9 stamps on your Nero loyalty card you get an extra vote instead of a coffee.  Airmiles are a good trade in: vote instead of creating carbon.

While we are at it there are plenty of reasons to cut a person’s vote.  Reduce it by the number of driving penalty points you have.  Years or months in jail can count against you.  Reduce it for being overweight or smoking.  Watching East Enders halves whatever votes you have.  Same for Big Brother, X-factor, Deal or No Deal.  Not picking up your dog’s poo.

If you play your cards right you might be able to vote yourself into parliament.  A few of you can get together and stop someone getting in.  Perhaps we would need a trading system like carbon credits so that people with lots of votes can sell them on the open market.

There is a lot of potential here.

Then we really would get the government we deserve.

It is obvious: I know what I’m doing – at least I think I do

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