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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 31, 2012

It is obvious: the end of the world is nigh

I have stayed away from coment on the impending reset for some time.  There is a certain excitement waiting for the defining moment.  The trigger I have been speaking of again and again and again.  However there comes a point when it really is boring to reflect and talk about the subject.  It will happen so just get on with your life.  Make preparations…and even that is boring as I have been saying it for so long.

What does provide relief are the comments from those ‘in charge’, which is something of an oxymoron.  They are the people who have been put in positions where they can make a difference.  That difference is supposed to be for the better though.  So I read, yesterday, comment from Jean-Claude Juncker.  He is president of Luxembourg (‘Null pointe’) and president of the Euro Group which exerts political control over the Euro, Monetary Union and the Stabilit and Growth Pact.  He said that in the next few days the eurozone leaders would decide what action would be taken to stabilise the eurozone.  He added: There is no time to lose.

What disappointed me was that there was no comment in The Times where I read it.  They could have said something like: action is promised in a few days while they have done little to fix anything over the last two years so what reason is there to believe this statement any more than all the prior ones.  The last great mechanism to save the situation was proposed several months ago and was promised for July yet the main contributor, Germany, is not even voting on the measure until September.

There is little can be done to prevent a reset but you can be sure that if there were something then those ‘in charge’ would fail to do it.

It is obvious: the end of the world is nigh.  Perhaps the Mayans were right

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