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Posted by chrisrick13 on September 18, 2012

It is obvious: you can run

Do you remember 9/11?  Do you remember: It’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury?  Remember who said it?  Jo Moore.  Wonder what happened to her?

She was not the first one to suggest burying bad news, Campbell was an expert at it.  She was just the first person to ‘go into print’…and be caught.  It happens all the time and continues today.  I suspect that every political party/government department/company/organisation now has that strategy in place and a code to use to bring it to their collective minds without actually saying it.

These techniques are all part of the manipulation that takes place all the time.  The video on You Tube mocking Islam caused riots in arab countries.  US embassies attacked.  These riots were orchestrated by Taleban and other parties that want to see the US ‘defeated’ (in quotes as there are so many slights that people want to right).  It works because these people need an enemy and because for so many years anything they can read or access has been controlled and manipulated by their rulers so if it is You tube the US government must have done it.  Try explain to a howling mob that it was done by just 5 or 10 people in isolation.  Try asking a howling mob what kind of insult is it to burn a stars and stripes and stamp on it?  Do two wrongs make a right?  Bah!

But there is nothing new in this world.  2000 years ago the population in Rome was distracted and amused by allowing them to watch christians being thrown to the lions.  It is the same thing.  Come forward to more modern times and Hitler used the Olympics to show how great Germany and the Aryan race was, only to have it spoiled by Jesse Owens.  It always puzzles me where the short black-haired Hitler fitted in the Aryan super race of blonde-haired giants.

Come forward further and you can see NFL games which are little short of gladiatorial combat (and which I’m going to watch this Monday).  Rugby is much the same.  The Olympic games are still a big distraction for the population as we have just proved in the UK.  It is an enemy to be defeated and putting the ball in the back of the net is just like skewering and opponent with a sword.  I was amused by the Chinese and their paralympic team.  I suspect that the politburo had long debates about whether they could admit that they had disabled people or not.  In the end they recognised that there were too many pictures of disabled people on the internet so they decided that if they were going to admit to having disabled people they had jolly well better be the best disabled people in the world.

Close to UK interests but a long way from home Argentina has started trying to get the Falkland Islands back.  Thank goodness Thatcher put a fortress there – she could see what was coming.  (Obvious really.)  The Argentinian president is having trouble with the economy and needs a distraction to get elected again.  Unfortunately there is no British presence in Argentina so rioting crowds have nothing to riot against.  Of course oil has been discovered off the Falkland islands.  Perhaps an equable solution would be to go back the 125 years to when we took the islands off the Argentinians…and at the same time return all land to their then owners all over the world.  Yeah, that’s going to happen!

These techniques have been used by despots over all time.  Oppress your people for your own particular reasons and you can get away with a lot if you give them a common enemy to fight.  It works for a time and then the regime collapses.  This would in general be a good thing, but seldom is a deposed despot replaced by a democracy.  It is though the sign of the population in general seeing through the lies of the current regime.  It is a solid signpost on the road to the collapse of a regime and chaos.

China started aggressive action over the Senkakus/Diaoyu islands that it disputes ownership with Japan over.  Of course oil has been discovered in the region.  You can now see poverty-stricken people in China rioting in carefully staged events outside Japanese consulates and Japanese owned factories that are then destroyed.  There is at most 10 years to the end of the Chinese economic miracle.  (I really should put that in quotes.)  It will be interesting to see how the many millions of people in the massive Chinese cities lured off the land where they fed themselves survive when the economic collapse occurs.  I do not think it will be by acquiring other countries and taking their food.  I fear they will start eating each other…or us.

It is obvious: you can run but be careful as you will end up where you started.

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