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It’s still 4 cents a passenger mile

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 28, 2012

It is obvious: you don’t have to bury bad news

I have to go to Shaun Richards again for the spur for this blog entry.  He noted that GDP targetting is often expressed as aiming for 5% growth a year.  I can put that a better way: aiming to double the size of the economy every 14 years.  I might be able to find someone I could lay a bet with on the failure of the first expression but not the second.

A hundred years ago that was a good bet.  I couldn’t name a point when that bet became a sure loser.  It will be at some point on the ‘elbow’ of the exponential curve.

There are ways to make that bet without the other party really knowing you made it through complex financial instruments.  Indeed often the bet taker (bookie) will not care as he will lay-off the bet via a CDS.  Indeed once taken, your bet will wander the financial markets looking for a bigger-fool to take it.  You will not really care except that the bigger-fool will not likely be around when you come to collect.

It is obvious: you don’t have to bury bad news just get people to look at it…through the looking glass

2 Responses to “It’s still 4 cents a passenger mile”

  1. Ben said

    *** OFF TOPIC ***
    I just wondered what you thought about the recent Apple vs Samsung court cases in the US.

    It seems that icons with rounded corners are copyright to Apple (Oh damn – I’ve use rounded corners on my website!!) and that Sumsung has bought a company that has patients on 4GL phone connection so that (perhaps) Apple is now in breach.

    There was also a mad scramble earlier in the year between Apple and Microsoft to buy up Kodak’s patients…

    Don’t get me wrong, intellectual property is vital and must be protected but it’s looking more and more that paients are seen as a tool to reinforce monopoly-type positions?

  2. Bill said

    Are Birthday greetings for yesterday (From Blog date) in order.?

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