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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 21, 2013

It is obvious: there is a lot I don’t need

I watched the 20 minutes of the film Elektra a couple of nights ago.  I missed it when it was in the cinema.  It sits somewhere between science fiction and fantasy.  Given my predilection for D&D I’m surprised I missed it.  It has a plot and a couple of neat twists.  It has some characters of substance, the acting is not bad and Elektra (Jennifer Garner) is very pretty.  I only watched 20 minutes as I had seen it in full on one of the cable channels more than a year ago.  I was busy with something and it was an indulgence.

So it is with my tv that I sit down and start at 101: BBC1.  I end up at 601:  BBC 24 hour news.  There is often nothing between to watch and I annoy my wife intensely with it left on the news channel as a default while I read a book.  The tv is part of my package from Virgin.  I have the smallest possible and were I to give it up would save little money.  What I would do is to increase the bangs-per-buck of my life.  I watched the 6 nations rugby…I could manage without it especially after the defeat by Wales.  I watch NFL in the early hours of Mondays to set my week off to a poor start.  I mentioned Elektra because that is the other thing that I do.  I watch repeats of films that I have already paid good money to watch or have seen before on their ‘network premier’.

I can nearly manage without a tv.  Indeed in my bedroom there is a freeview box giving nearly the same channels that costs nothing as I have already invested in the hardware.  I have yet to have the courage to dump the tv.

I have often bored my friends with the claim that we can nearly manage without a car.  Not permanently but only hiring one when we needed it or using a taxi.  After all our bus travel is free and trains mostly are.  The costs of all that hiring are much less than owning.  It is just inconvenient.   Hopping in the car and…going to spend money is so right.  I might be less inclined to buy things if I had to think about how I might get them home.

So I come to my phone.  Got a smart one.  Smarter than its user I often suspect.  Nobody rings me on it.  My wife texts me a lot coordinating travel and meeting up.  I ring nobody and only text my wife.  A phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM will do it.  Not sure I even need it.  I take it abroad but daren’t use it as the costs are so high.  I need a similar phone in the US and Oz.  I might go that route next time.  Instead of getting a £100 extra on my phone bill for the month of the trip, buy a basic phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM.

Most of the communication I do is by e-mail.  For most of that I can wait until I get to a friendly router and suck it all up on someone’s already paid unlimited use contract.  It is enough.  My laptop does that.  I could go to a tablet.  I would not do a 3G one as the contract for the data is horrendous.  I could get a pay-as-you-go mifi.

So there it is.  Dump my tv package, dump my phone, dump my car. Perhaps get a tablet and perhaps mifi.  Perhaps get a phone.  Will my life be worse?  Will my life be different?  Will I have the courage?

It is obvious: there is a lot I don’t need and I’ve got most of it

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