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Margaret Thatcher

Posted by chrisrick13 on April 15, 2013

It is obvious: I remember
There has been and will be strident publicity seeking from the left in this country.  Part of this is anger at her significant part in the downfall of the USSR.  She helped remove the threat of nuclear Armageddon and pushed the people of the USSR on to a fate that might so far not be better, I think it is, but at least one that is much more of their own choosing.

She was sceptical of the EU and got us our rebate.  As a result this country is over £100bn better off than it otherwise would be.  However she was not just an implacable opponent of the EU.  She attempted to work within the EU to improve it.

She fought the miners.  This was on the basis that the government ought really to run the country and not the NUM.  I could put up a long case for Mrs Thatcher and her actions.  I have looked into it and lived through it in one of the big coalfields with all my family coming from North Nottinghamshire.  If challenged I will write a couple (of hundred) pages about it.

She persuaded the population of the UK that she was someone worth voting for on 3 occasions.  It was the majority of us.  After she had gone, John Major was able to win another election.  Partly this was because the economy had been moved to a good state.  The Labour government of Blair that took over had a great opportunity to build a very strong country economically but instead chose to spend and borrow.  I will bat aside any arguments for that with my body count costing model.

She said that Argentina could not just take the Falkland Islands off us.  On the basis of their claim a lot of other countries returned to their original owners that were ‘taken’ at the same time as or after the Falkland Islands includes the USA and Canada, Australia, China, Tibet, most of China, India,…  No Argentina’s claim has no basis.  …and now there is oil out there and it is ours!  She was right again but for different reasons.

I could mention some figures from the last few decades.  Do you remember them?  Jack Dash: he persuaded dockers in London that they could work for very few hours a week for huge amounts of money and steal anything they wanted provided they went on strike at any attempt to erode that power.  How are the London docks doing now?  Dead now with few at his funeral.

Derek Robinson or Red Robbo as he was known.  He was a communist committed to the downfall of western democracy.  He dangled carrots in front of British Leyland workers.  He persuaded them that they could also be paid huge amounts of money for little productivity.  Selling cars was irrelevant as the government would pay those wages for ever.  Will there be many British Leyland workers at his funeral?

In the list of memorable people of recent times I have to mention Gordon Brown.  I could mention Brown’s Bottom where he sold gold reserves at the lowest price possible, guaranteed when he announced that it was going to happen.  He complicated our tax laws beyond belief.  In his first day in office he took £5bn a year out of our pension funds.  Is there any wonder that so many pension funds are underfunded?  If the economy were in the same state when he got it as when the credit crunch started we would be in a very good place.  Instead he took it to a place where we are in a hole with no way out other than one from a selection of very painful options.  I wonder how many will be at his funeral.

I will be at the funeral.  I won’t defend her – she does not need it.  As she is not here herself her record will do it.


It is obvious: I remember a lot better than many others


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  1. Malc said

    Well said-agree with everything here.

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