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Posted by chrisrick13 on April 18, 2013

It is obvious: do not open your mouth

It is every citizen’s duty to avoid tax.  You should pay exactly what the law says you should pay and no more.  Consider a tax system where everyone pays 20% on everything that they earn or profit from by trade of any sort.  A bit fuzzy.  I am not an expert.  But for most people their tax affairs will be simple and the tax cannot be avoided.  There would be a lot of wailing and some groups would be a lot worse off than they are now.  Not going to happen and nor should it.

I can see one big hole where there are people who can move income from one tax year to another.  But it will make no difference they will pay 20% on it next year.

How simple is tax in this case?  PAYE is simply 20% of everything that a person receives.  They can pay it up front.

If not that then how about a tax rate of zero which makes collection very easy, and VAT at 30%.  You can avoid tax: don’t spend any money.

When a politician comes along with a stupid law on tax then you must avoid as much as you can.  This might stop them introducing stupid complications.

Suppose that with the complex laws you spot the revenue have charged you too much tax.  Note that the revenue gets 60% of all tax calculations wrong.  You will, if you realise, challenge it and avoid paying tax.  The error might well be something simple like they forgot to include your pension payments and credit you with the tax relief.  But what if the error is that there is a complex loophole in the tax regulations that the revenue did not take into account as they did not realise it existed?  It is exactly the same as missing a pension relief.  The tax system it defined and it was not applied correctly in both cases.

The soon-to-be-governor of the Bank of England said today that if there is a persistent ability to avoid tax that the burden falls on those who are paying their fair share and then have to pay more than their fair share.  This sounds very like plunging interest on ISAs and other bank savings products, tariffs on telephones, TV, gas, electricity and many others.  You avoid paying more than your fair share by learning all the rules and making sure you are in the best place.

So it is with tax.  If that is a problem Mr Governor-to-be then get the tax rules simplified.  Idiot.

It is obvious: do not open your mouth unless you are hungry or have something worthwhile to say


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