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How does that work then?

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 5, 2013

It is obvious: when you fire a gun

The MPC has announced in hopelessly coded language that it is not putting interest rates up any time soon.

Take the punch bowl away just as the party gets going was said by a Federal Reserve chairman many years ago and has been repeated by many others including the just exited Mervyn King.  We have signs that the economy is ‘picking up’ so why are they leaving the punch bowl there?  Either they are idiots or they are at least smart enough not to believe their own spin (lies).

So are the MPC members having a 6 month break?  Maybe a year away?  What if things do not stay as they are?  Are they saying that they know what they are doing and have things set up just right?  If there are any changes then they’ll reconsider their position?  That is the state I would like them to be in and I certainly don’t need them to tell me.

Are these words for the wider public?  All the insiders know what is really going on so they need something to keep the general population quiet.

For an organisation that has an appalling record of predicting the future to say what it will be doing in the future is stupid.  I can think of no other word.

Does this count as an official denial of rises in interest rates thereby confirming it is going to happen?  It certainly gave the pound a burst of speed in the race to see who can devalue the most.

Write this date in your journals.  Let’s see how soon “markets were wrong to assume that it would start raising interest rates soon” actually is.

It is obvious: when you fire a gun it is important to know which end to point away from yourself

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