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Phew! Wot a scorcha!

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 8, 2013

It is obvious: I’m full of energy

For many years I have been very busy raising a family (as part of a team), doing a job working long hours and just keeping on top of stuff.  In my mind there was always a balance.  I have little time to dispense so I’ll just let a lot of things go and spend my time running in money or doing things I enjoy.

Now that I don’t have hungry mouths squawking at me and no sensible job I do have a lot of time.  Suddenly I have the time to chase things I never chased before.

I’m running my money a lot tighter than I used to.  I have an Amex credit card that I pay in full each month.  I get airmiles on it and it is no difference to me how the money comes out of my account but one way means that I will get an extra flight at some time or better seats.  They took money a day early and pushed me into the red last month.  Just for a day.  Got a £22 ‘fine’ from the bank.  I prevaricated for a few days and then rang the bank.  No problem then took the charge off.  5 years ago I would have ground teeth and worked an extra hour.

We have 6 bulbs in the ceiling in the lounge area and 4 side lamps.  In the dining area it is 6 and 2.  In the kitchen it is 4 and 2.  The hall is 7 in the ceiling.  So it goes on and I often, as the only one who does, turn 50+ bulbs off when we go out.  A long time ago I switched to long-life, low-energy bulbs.  I remember that they cost £7 or more but a year ago I got a special offer and snapped up 50 at 10p each.  Recently the next step down has started and I have bought some LEDs.

My electricity bills certainly took a step down.  But that is not the end of the story.  In this country you have the heating on during the day for easily 60% of the year.  More for me.  Those filament bulbs lit the house and heated it.  The energy ‘waste’ was not that great.

So it is for the kettles that I am constantly exhorted not to over-fill.  I heat up a full kettle and make one cup of tea.  What happens to the energy that was put into the kettle?  It warms the house.  So there is a saving on small kettle loads and energy-saving bulbs…but not much.

I have turned my hot water down a few degrees and I am playing the game of not keeping a tank of water hot and ready for an instant shower.  It is a game and some times I come in from the gym and have to manage my time for 20 minutes while the water heats up.  A combination boiler might be the answer.  I have entered a trade-off and I am hoping will have more money to dispose of how I wish.

I see the government telling us we can save £60m by only boiling the water we need.  They did not tell us that it will up our central heating bills by £Xm.  I wonder how many kettles will be boiled dry by accident and need replacing?  Another £Ym.

So it is a message.  A bit of propaganda.  Good propaganda.  But it is only part of the story.  It is really irrelevant as well.  I won’t pay attention unless I see a good reward for doing it and that reward is complex as I have to consider what I might be doing otherwise while I come to my equation result and enter the market or not.

It is obvious: I’m full of energy – all of it bought and paid for

One Response to “Phew! Wot a scorcha!”

  1. Bill said

    Usually these schemes to cut costs/energy usage aren’t thought out very well. If you only put the water for one cup in the kettle the device will overheat and will fail sooner. Energy used by you is less but your costs are more (new kettle) and UK energy usage goes up (Kettle manufacturing energy greater than multiple cups of tea) – [RETHINK: Actually UK costs probably don’t rise as the kettle will be made in China = Coal Fired power].

    *** OFF TOPIC ***
    The Beeb wrote about at WW Bribes to Public Officials recently – It is quite worrying that the UK (5%) is now double that of Spain !!

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