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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 9, 2013

It is obvious: I’m a wet

There was a time that we used to put 3 or 4 bins out each week for collection.  The gaping mouths have gone and we have a different attitude.

We recycle our vegetable waste.  We eat little prepackaged food so there is a fair amount.  I have noticed the changing colonies of creatures in our bin.  We have a lot of ants now.  We used to have a lot of worms.  So I think that it is a move to the dark side.  We had some slugs at one stage, but they have gone.  I also noticed that the level in the bin oscillates around half full.  The liquid goes and things compress, but someone must be coming and emptying it secretly at night.  If they ever stop emptying it I will have to find something to do with the compost.

We recycle paper as well as plastic, glass and tins.  We do this at no direct benefit to ourselves and are happy to do it.  This means that our general bin has very little in it.  I would do more were there things I could do.  Perhaps taking the various plastic cards away from my wife would help.

I can be smug.  We are using our car less and less.  We are reducing our energy consumption.  We are watching less tv.

We barely use a bath and though we have two powerful pumped showers with roses the size of dinner plates we time our showers and try to keep them short.  I have set the toilets to the smallest flush and I certainly only flush infrequently.  Not easy to do, but there is no down-side to it as far as I can see.  I probably ought to go and wee in the garden.  Given that any water you drink in London has already been through 9 other people – what the heck.

I have a dreadful admission.  We are not on a water meter!  I now have a delicate equation to work out.  We can certainly pay a lot less on a meter.  This is because the water companies have increased water charges by large amounts to ‘encourage’ laggards such as I to move to a meter.  However having a four-bedroom house and it is a positive selling point for a large family to be on a flat water charge.  They are well ahead of the game not having a meter.  What to do?!  I’m thinking of putting my hose out to the fruit trees and running it each night for a couple of hours.

Do you know how much potable water there is  and which way that number is going?

It is obvious: I’m a wet hoping never to become a dry

2 Responses to “Splash”

  1. Bill said

    +++ OFF TOPIC +++
    The Big Issue

    There was an interesting item in the paper – which is news in itself. It was saying that we have got to the stage where we are equating Freedom to Democracy. Are they the same? I would guess that most decisions made today are not democratic – (ie the will of the people).

    There is (I think) an attitude in government that (in general) the people don’t know what’s good for them and (to avoid them making silly mistakes) we have to choose what is in their best interests. All very paternal. So what do you think – Are the major decisions made (NHS Reform, Dealing with the Financial Downturn, Size of the Army, Social Service strategy, Europe etc.) in line with what people want (ie would vote for)? (I tend to think its what the politicians think we should vote for if only we were as bright as them)

    I admit I’m biased and what I (and my immediate friends) think may not reflect the views of the general population but are we democratic? Are we free?

    • It is only in democracies that any freedom exists thought little enough of it. There is only freedom if everything is open and everyone has access to all the information they want to see.

      Not going to happen. But Korzybski defines what is needed. Still not going to happen.

      So it is the shotgun and barbed wire. You are hardly free sitting in your laager glaring at the rest of the world…and you will still have to pay council tax.

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