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Posted by chrisrick13 on November 25, 2013

It is obvious: the fat lady must have sung

Imagine you go for a job interview.  You are an expert plumber but you fancy having a go at brain surgery.  They spend a couple of hours asking you questions about yorkshire joints, combi-boilers, hot-water header tanks and air-locks.  You pass with flying colours so they give you a scalpel and send you down to theatre.

So it is with politicians.  They have skills at getting elected.  Then they are asked to do brain surgery…or run a country.  I was going to say that they have skills at running a political party but I don’t see much of that.  Is there any surprise that countries are not consistently run well?

There is an aura of invincibility about the Chinese.  A big country that is heading towards number one slot by any measure you care to use: economy, population, army, information censorship, human rights abuses, damage to environment.  These inscrutable people get it right every time.  So skills at getting to the top of the politburo are those that are needed to run a country?  No they are not.  The wheels on China are just as wobbly as everywhere else it is just that we can’t see them.

Which naturally leads me on to banks.  Banks are companies that are run by…bankers.  So well run that they never go bust and have to be rescued by you and me.  I think that the Co-op bank took an innovative approach, worthy of merit, appointing someone who knows nothing about banks to run theirs.

I have a friend who retired as a bank Manager at Lloyds at least 15 years ago and might have been more.  He had worked in banking for many years and knew it well, just as his mates did.  I once had a cheque for a large amount where the words did not match numbers (deliberately so I think)  The pence were not mentioned in the words.  The cheque did not clear.  He told me to ‘concede’ the pence and, bingo, it cleared.  He had the detail and hea had the big stuff as well.  He said when he left that there was nobody working in the company knew anything about banking at his level or above.  They were all insurance salesmen.  It is clear they were doing illegal stuff all along but he was surprised it took so long for them to fail.

It is obvious: the fat lady must have sung – the Flowers are out (couldn’t let that one pass me by)


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