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Posted by chrisrick13 on February 18, 2014

It is obvious: I’m feeling happy

A long break in posts.  I made myself a promise not to write anything until I could write something cheering, uplifting, funny, happy.

How about an amusing anecdote?  A couple of years ago in Paris my wife and I decided to visit Rodin’s house as it was near where we were.  Late in the day but time aplenty to run around the house.

A tall red-brick wall very atypical of Paris marked the place.  In it a small window with a queue of people at it and just beyond that a door with a uniformed man standing by it.  People moved from what was obviously the ticket window to the door handing tickets to the man and disappearing inside.

My turn.  “Deux billets pour la maison s’il vous plait.”

The woman in the ticket booth responded in perfect unaccented English.  “Would you like to visit the garden as well?”

I looked at my wife to find out what I wanted to do.  She nodded.

Way beyond my French I replied:  “Yes please, we will do the garden as well.”

“I am sorry but at this hour the garden is closed,” she replied with no expression on her face.

I kept my face also without expression.  “Just two tickets for the house then please.”

It was less than 10 Euros and tickets in hand we went to the door.  The man took them from me and opened the door for us.  We stepped through.

Can you guess what you have to go through to get to the house?

How about some irony?  That nice Mr Putin has stopped any intervention in Syria, his only Arab ally and big customer for his arms industry, because it is not allowable to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.  So what is he doing in Ukraine?

How about farce.  The suave Mr Carney, new man at the BoE chose to ‘forward guide’ on interest rates using unemployment rates as his criteria that the BoE forecasting department said would not reach the required level for two years.  Possibly the worst forecasting organisation on the planet saw their forecast number reached in 3 months.  What now Mr Carney?

I have written before about losing weight.  It is simple to do if not easy.  Consume less energy than you use.  Nobody has discovered perpetual motion.  You will lose weight.  It becomes more complex.  You can eat the ‘right’ things at the ‘right’ time and lose weight at a quicker rate and stay healthy.  The basic tenet remains: eat fewer calories than you consume and you lose weight.

So it is with fusion power.  If you can persuade two hydrogen atoms to snuggle up and form helium then you will get a lot of energy as well.  You can boil a kettle and have some tea.  The clever guys in white coats have been able to persuade small amounts of hydrogen to do just this…by putting in a lot more energy than they get out.  Last week the Lawrence Livermore laboratory in the US did the reverse.  Still many years to go but the progress is inexorable.  I wonder if a lot of our leaders are just hanging on waiting for commercial fusion energy?

It is obvious: I’m feeling happy – no, not the dwarf.

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