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The Scottish Question

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 19, 2014

It is obvious: Scotland the brave

At decimalisation and Y2K there was a surge in IT employment.  At Scottish independence there will be a surge in IT employment.  I work in IT.  Therefore Scottish independence is a good thing.

I have been pointed to the fact that Scotland is in a union and it is up to them whether they leave or not and we in England should not have a vote.

it is interesting that Scots in England do not have a vote…a large constituency that might have a natural bias to union.  If you are going to have a vote on something choose carefully who you will let vote.

I was dismayed to discover that my children are an eighth Scottish.  Given that my wife’s name in Heather and her brothers are called Bruce and Douglas I guess there were a few obvious clues for me to pick up on.  Can we apply Hitler’s rules and declare them not Scottish?  Perhaps they can have dual nationality?  What will happen about passports?

We have some rules in place about immigration and benefits.  Will they apply to Scots?  Will we now have a border that needs guarding.  it will be used a lot but maybe Hadrian had it right?

The EU is has lots of monetary union which is failing as they have not got fiscal union (as in the US ).  Scotland are proposing to move away from fiscal union and have monetary union.  That is not going to work well.  Separate currencies will cost…money of some stripe.

Scotland will be small and UK smaller.  This means vastly reduced influence in the world.  Or even more reduced.  But being big helps in this world.  It helps when your banks are a small part of your economy and they will be a large part of Scotland’s.

Perhaps by getting independence there is a confidence that the Scottish MPs will run their country better than the MPs running the union.  There is an irony that the chancellor who did so much to ruin our economy is Scottish.  But will Scottish MPs do a better job of running their country than current MPs running the union?  I have little confidence in any MP in any country in the world.

What about oil?  Do I see a glint in Scottish eyes?  It is not going to be the big factor it could have been and the distant oil under the Atlantic will need protecting.  Fusion might arrive at any time and yesterday’s blog showed another step forward in that direction.  Oil will help but not for long.

Put those and many others on the scales and where does it come out?  I can’t be accurate.  I think that the UK and Scotland will both be worse off.  I think that it will be an price we can ill afford but as in my first sentence some will come to me.

It is obvious: Scotland the brave, the very, very brave.


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