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I am not a number!

Posted by chrisrick13 on May 14, 2014

It is obvious: they are not out to get you

I have not written much lately under my stricture of only writing about happy things.  That is something of a paradox as if I don’t write then it is an implicit recognition that there is nothing happy to write about.

I have something neutral to write about or was that moan.

I have got a new PC.  The last one became capricious to be generous.  Now that the replacement has appeared next to it on the desk it has improved its performance.  Too late though.  It has served loyally for a long time.  It has been around the world.  It did everything I asked of it.

There were agonies in arriving at a purchase but for the second time Asus hit my particular nail on the head.  The PC that I have is only needed to be mobile, connect to the internet, collect my mail and let me type.  Secondarily it has to hold my music and a few other things.  So I don’t need much.  The rest I do on a beast under my desk.

Of course I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and a large monitor arrives soon.  So in that sense the netbook, for that is what it is, fails at home.  On the road though it does it all.  Remote desktop connection means that I only need one of each so my desktop clutter is reducing.

There is more and it is a happy story…until.

The machine has 32Gb of SSD.  It is not enough.  They do a 64Gb model in the US for about half the price of the 32Gb model in the UK.  Why not both in the UK?  No matter I am in the US Friday!  Also the cost is below the import duty limit.  So it is still a happy story.

I have spent some time setting the new environment up.  All is well apart from Dropbox not letting me set its files up on the external memory card, that is until I wanted to fire up Skype.  I could feel the tentacles of Microsoft gently slipping around me.  I cannot use my Skype account without setting up a Microsoft account.  I don’t want one!  Still I had my revenge as I have a URL with mail forwarding.  The mail account I used was microsoft_are_a**  Let them see that every day.  Of course they had their revenge as it renamed my account on the netbook as microsoft_are_a**eholes.

What I see is Apple, Google, Microsoft and, probably, every other entity reducing my options and forcing me to their model of how I run my digital life.  My big hope is that there are enough people out there who care enough about being independent that there will be always be an alternative such as Mozilla and Linux.  I’ll take any inconvenience.

It is obvious: they are not out to get you – they already have you

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