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Posted by chrisrick13 on June 19, 2014

It is obvious: I’m English and support English teams through thick and thin


I missed putting my prediction for England’s performance (and others) in the World Cup in the public domain.  I predicted England would not get out of its group.  After Saturday I will refine that.  We won’t get any points.

I don’t see a good South American team.  Brazil will not win.  I think Mexico are better organised and with enough good players.  An all European final is a strong possibility even though that has never happened in a South American hosted World Cup before.  The winner to come from Germany, Holland, Italy, France.

I can’t see how we can compete with other countries as our level of acting is so poor.
If you want the dream…Italy are the outstanding, dominant team of this tournament.  To hold them to 2-1 was a remarkable performance.  Italy to win the competition without really trying.  England to get to the semi-finals.


It is obvious: I’m English and support English teams through thick and thin with very little of the thick observed

One Response to “England!”

  1. Will said

    I think its more accurate to say that we support England through thin and thin. The current players are overpaid by their clubs but that pay has bought their loyalty. It is to their club, few if any really care for their country. At least that would be my guess after watching the way they play.

    Still I will be watching again tonight and hoping (against hope) that I am wrong in my judgement of them. Oh for the old days (before the Premier league) when the players cared…

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