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Posted by chrisrick13 on June 19, 2014

It is obvious: there’s nothing like a good dictator

Last week I watched President Obama saying on tv that all options were being considered.  His body language was a treat to watch.  I’ll offer him an option: don’t start from here.  I think Reagan is a good example of how to run things.  Admit you really have no idea.  Hire some good people.  Do what they say.

It seems that politicians and despots make decisions based on anything but the facts and spend the rest of their time trying to clear up the mess.  I say ‘seems’ because I don’t know what they know but in the information rich society that I live in there is not much that I don’t know should I care to look.  However the star creature living in the cellars of Downing Street acting through its avatars in the palace of Westminster has motives I cannot guess at.

Think about Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe.  They run along in perfectly predictable lines.  Treat the population in appalling fashion, extract huge amounts of wealth from the country for yourself, pay lip-service to the international community.  Things rub along for many years.  The process of changing dictator is what causes the problem.

The democracies of this world have often tried to get involved in changing dictator and so far have a zero success rate.  The population of a country will make the decision.  They will make that decision very quickly or over a long time.  They will do it by action or inaction.  None of the methods tried so far by United Nations, Nato, USA, UK, and others have worked anywhere.

How do we influence change to reduce suffering during that process?  To an extent we have it right.  Help the country with aid and at the same time increase the information flows into that population.  It takes time but eventually aspiration to the lives seen lived in places like the UK will motivate people.

In the meantime that increase in information flows the other way and it is mighty difficult to stand and do nothing watching the images on tv.

It is obvious: there’s nothing like a good dictator – alas.

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