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Lucky escape

Posted by chrisrick13 on June 23, 2014

It is obvious: you know you are right

I saw a young muslim on tv broadcasting from Northern Iraq.  Heavily swathed in scarves he declared: you cannot worship freely in England.  He sounded as though he meant it.  If there is anywhere in the world where you can worship just what you want it is in England.  My family registered as Jedi as the last census and have had not religious persecution in the meantime.  I would ask that young Suni if it is possible to be a Shiite where he is.  Then tell me about freedom.

The trouble is he believes what he is fed.  It comes from people with a lot of conviction and an interpretation of the Koran that has many counter-interpretations all of which have just as good a case for claiming to be right.

The ISIS group which is the new bad-guy-on-the-block has roots in Syria.  This is the Syria where but for that nice Mr Putin we would have blasted Assad and given lots of just about anything to the freedom figthers…ISIS.

Thankyou Mr Putin

It is obvious: you know you are right after you have had a chance to write the history up

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