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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 10, 2014

It is obvious: you can’t touch me: I’m part of the union

This morning on the picket line of a bunch of teachers at a school I saw the following placards about  pensions:

We can’t wait til 68

I took the time to check it out before going into print myself.  The words ’till’ and ‘until’ are essentially synonyms.  One scans in the line above and the other doesn’t.  I checked ’till and discovered that ’till’ is not a shortened form of ‘until’ so it is incorrect.

What I am sure of is that ’til’ is simply wrong.  I wonder what else these teachers are feeding to our children?

The strike itself is interesting.  The strike has legal legitimacy based on a ballot taken nearly two years ago.  20% of the teachers voted and 58% of those voted for the strike.  That is just 11.5% of teachers got the silent majority of 80% to strike.  That majority deserve any problems that the strike causes them as they left the decision to others.  Unless, of course, they all wanted to strike.

The teachers and others are complaining that their pay increases are not keeping up with inflation.  Very few people get pay that is keeping up with inflation and teachers have very little leverage.  Already if they win another 1% increase in pay they will have to work a year to get back the money they have lost….and they aren’t going to get that.

The place we are in is simple.  We owe a lot of money that we borrowed and then spent.  Those debts have to be paid somehow.  At least, some of them do.  We can do it voluntarily in ordered fashion or we can let someone else do it for us.  Looks like we are going to let others do it for us.  Look at Greece to see what happens.  Teachers there had pay cuts of 30%, increases in working hours and increased taxation.

It reminds me of North Sea fishermen who demanded the right to over-fish the North Sea.  Essentially they won that right and now there are no North Sea fishing fleets.

It is obvious: you can’t touch me: I’m part of the union.  Til the day I die.


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