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Posted by chrisrick13 on July 18, 2014

It is obvious: I can take my punishment

I spent a lot of time watching the police action programs where bad guys  are on camera, chased and caught.  I have written before about this.  My favourite was Bring on the Dogs.  The bad guy moved – the dog bit him.  No thought of pensions, tribunals, promotion.  His (or her) best mate had trained him/her to bite things and at every opportunity that is exactly what he/she did.  It was noticeable that the words “Halt or I release the dog” had experienced criminals freezing on the spot.  Inexperienced criminals kept running and became experienced a few minutes later.

I stopped watching them because the penalties for the crimes were, to say the least, piffling.  If I had stolen a car run around the country smashing things up with it and endangering life I would be put away for a long time.  The criminals I saw were getting hours of community service or a few weeks locked up.  It is not about vengeance, though why not?  It is about associating in the minds of these criminals that there are things they can do with a lot less downside.

It needs consistency and frequent examples so that we are all aware that there are ways of behaving that don’t carry huge inconveniences.

Lots of people could be punished like:

The LIBOR fixers
The PPI mis-sellers
The gold price fixers
Creators of fictional law firms
People charging 2500% (plus) on loans
and many more

Let me count the number in jail…  Even with a severe dose of frost-bite I could still manage a count greater than those in jail.

It is obvious: I can take my punishment…can you wait until I’m dead?


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