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Posted by chrisrick13 on August 29, 2014

It is obvious: you can fool most people

Just got back from the USA.  Door to door in 10 hours which included 2 hours hanging around in Logan Airport.

On the tube I picked up a copy of the Eenin Stannit.  There was an article in it by Liam Byrne.  He was talking of the failure of the student loan scheme and the introduction of an “earn to learn” idea where students get a relevant job to their degree that also helps them pay fees and live.

The idea that the cost of getting a degree is paid for over a lifetime is perhaps a good one.  The government puts the money up and the universities benefit from decent funding.  Students have a burden but one that is manageable over a lifetime.

It has not worked because the government set the repayment criteria based on straight line projections for earning made before the credit crunch.  With earnings dropping there are not many students crossing the threshold where they have to start to pay.  Given that the debts are being sold off at 30% of face value there has to be a negotiation here to offer to pay a small percentage of the debt now and have the rest written off.

That was not my interest in the article.  Liam Byrne was the secretary to the treasury who, 4 years ago, left the note to the incoming coalition government that said: sorry there is no money left, we’ve spent it all.  I well remember the last months of the Labour government where they went around like demented ferrets letting all sorts of ludicrous binding contracts to minimise the amount of slack for the incoming government to play with.  What a shame Mr Byrne didn’t think to fund a few universities at that time.

It is obvious: you can fool most people provided you leave a long enough gap between the inconsistencies


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