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The end of the NHS

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 29, 2014

It is obvious: political party annual conferences are useful

Today Mr Osborne said that to have the NHS as we know it (sic) we had to have increasing growth.  Go and look at your exponential curves Chancellor – you have just forecast the end of the NHS.

I heard other unchallenged nonsense but the cut-out system in my brain refused to allow it into short-term memory.

A lot of what I am reading at the moment is commentary on the drop in real earnings.  We are competing to sell our goods and services, not least to ourselves with people who are also selling the same good and service while paid a ‘dollar a day’.  These people are improving their lot as the ‘dollar a day’ now is probably more like ‘two dollars a day’.  (Does not have the same…punch to it.)  So we have to have falling wages.

They are coming up as we come down.  Alas the speeds and accelerations are not similar.

As we earn less we can afford less.  This includes, doctors, policemen, soldiers, firemen, dustbin-men and traffic wardens.  Going to have to decide what we want to keep pretty soon.  We can perhaps keep all those people but we’ll have to turn off the central heating and eat a lot less.  Perhaps walk and bus to work and not use a car.  Have to give up café Nero.

What is the way out of this?  There really isn’t one.  So when a politician tells you that a vote for him will fix the problem you need to ask him very carefully just how his ideas will do it.

The Conservative nonsense has just come back into my mind.  My cut-out is faulty.  Mr Osborne said that he had spent 4+ years fixing the economy and in the next 5 years he would cut the deficit.  However four years ago he said the deficit would be gone by now.

It is obvious: political party annual conferences are useful for filling in time on 24 hour news programmes.

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I’m in Labour

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 26, 2014

It is obvious: you don’t have to be the best person for a job to get it

A lovely play in 3 acts took place this week.

Eamon Holmes on Sky news had Ed Balls ‘under the knife’.  The conversation was something like:

Ed: we are going to deal with the £75bn deficit the Tories have left us with.

(I have to pause here to get my blood pressure down.)

Eamon: How?

Ed: We are going to be hard on child benefit (waffle for some time)

Eamon: That’s £40mn.  What else?

Ed: We are going to do (something else – I forget what)

Eamon: That’s £500mn.  Where is the other £74.5bn going to come from?

Ed: Waffle…

Then on Tuesday one of the BBC people had Harriet Harmon under the same ‘knife’

BBC: so you have given us £500mn off the deficit.  Where is the other £74bn going to come from?

Harriet: Ahhh.  Errr. (Literally!).  I don’t want to give away everything that is in Ed’s speech tomorrow.  He will give the details.

So on Wednesday what did Ed Miliband say about the deficit…NOTHING.

I wonder…was it less embarrassing to to talk about the omission than anything he might have said about the deficit?

It is obvious: you don’t have to be the best person for a job to get it, just be the least bad

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Hippo Birdie

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 17, 2014

It is obvious: I have a lot to say

Never thought that I would write for 5 years and get to 650+ entries.

A lot of themes and repeated ideas.  Still new stuff comes along though.

I am getting much more set in my ways.  Even where I am wrong I have considered a lot of the elements of an argument.  I nearly said ‘facts’ but one thing I have discovered is that there are few enough of those around.

So with my resolve not to repeat myself too much and to try to write about happier things there is less output but I still have things to say.

It is obvious: I have a lot to say and I even listen to myself

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I’m a ‘YES’

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 16, 2014

It is obvious: independence is a great idea

I have written plenty about the opportunity to get rid of my quarter Scottish wife later this week safe in the knowledge that she never reads my writings.

A friend of mine pointed out that the bookies have it 2/9 for a ‘NO’ and 5/2 for a ‘YES’.  So that’s it, the result is already decided: a resounding win for the ‘NO’ vote.

Scotland and England will be worse off for separating.  Scotland will be a lot worse off for many, many years but there is hope that it might turn things around eventually where rUK will not.  It can certainly be more agile.  I just hope the Russians don’t take a fancy to its North Sea oil rigs.  For that matter the Norwegians are just as much a threat.  Maybe the new owners will sell England the oil at a cheaper rate than the Scottish.

For myself I remember decimalisation, Big Bang and Y2K for the increase in rates and jobs in IT.  Independence will have a similar effect and, working in IT, I can see great benefits for myself.

Alas, I see many Scots walking to the cliff edge and looking down, then turning away.  On the day the ‘NO’ vote will be bigger than most expect.

It is obvious: independence is a great idea – the English should welcome independence

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Scotland the…?

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 10, 2014

It is obvious: heads you win

I work, when I do work, as  contractor in software production.  There were good times at decimalisation, Big Bang, Y2K and others.  Rates were up opportunities were increased.  So I am very happy to see independence for Scotland.  I see the potential for a greater upside than the downside after a split for myself.  There is the added bonus that I can repatriate my quarter Scottish wife to Glasgow for a bit of peace and quiet.

I’ve looked into what a split means and it is a lot clearer than trying to work out which way to jump for the EU.  There will be huge costs incurred actually doing the separation, some of which will come to me.  There will be running costs of keeping the separation.  There will be duplication costs.  There will be costs due to the economic effects of being smaller.

For Scotland there are a bunch of other costs not least will be those of a profligate government and reneging on its share of the UK debt.  Their entry into the EU will be blocked by Spain (and rUK) especially if they have defaulted on their debt.

So it is clear we are better off together.  The chance of a ‘Yes’ vote have put the scares into our politicians…too late.  They have boggled it.

Still it is a clear argument that both countries will be better together.

The one argument that really matters is that the Scottish people can see the chance to have their own country.  That is all that they see.

It is obvious: heads you win, hearts you lose

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Wake up!

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 8, 2014

It is obvious: for evil to prosper…

A free and open press is essential.  It provides checks on Government, Industry and just about everything else.  It exposes excesses, cruelties and injustices for all to see.

Why do nasty governments shut down the internet and make it very difficult for reporters to work in their countries?  When everyone has a camera in their phone and there is always someone around with a phone hiding things becomes much more difficult.  Soon the reporters will not be needed other than that we hope they provide unbiased reporting.

So what does a government have to do?  Don’t bother hiding it.  How do you get away with it?  Just rely on an incompetent press.

The government has put a lot of effort into discrediting RPI.  This measure of inflation was used for many years and has been abandoned in favour of CPI.  But for the efforts of the Royal Statistical Society RPI might have been abandoned altogether.  At least it is still calculated  The constant feature of CPI is that it is lower than RPI.  It is lucky it is still there as the government has found a use for it.  The government has announced that rail fares will not be allowed to rise higher than inflation and guess which measure they are using?

I don’t blame them for doing it.  I’ll quote what our free press has said about it: ” ”

It is obvious: for evil to prosper…just make sure the press is asleep

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