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Scotland the…?

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 10, 2014

It is obvious: heads you win

I work, when I do work, as  contractor in software production.  There were good times at decimalisation, Big Bang, Y2K and others.  Rates were up opportunities were increased.  So I am very happy to see independence for Scotland.  I see the potential for a greater upside than the downside after a split for myself.  There is the added bonus that I can repatriate my quarter Scottish wife to Glasgow for a bit of peace and quiet.

I’ve looked into what a split means and it is a lot clearer than trying to work out which way to jump for the EU.  There will be huge costs incurred actually doing the separation, some of which will come to me.  There will be running costs of keeping the separation.  There will be duplication costs.  There will be costs due to the economic effects of being smaller.

For Scotland there are a bunch of other costs not least will be those of a profligate government and reneging on its share of the UK debt.  Their entry into the EU will be blocked by Spain (and rUK) especially if they have defaulted on their debt.

So it is clear we are better off together.  The chance of a ‘Yes’ vote have put the scares into our politicians…too late.  They have boggled it.

Still it is a clear argument that both countries will be better together.

The one argument that really matters is that the Scottish people can see the chance to have their own country.  That is all that they see.

It is obvious: heads you win, hearts you lose

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