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I’m a ‘YES’

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 16, 2014

It is obvious: independence is a great idea

I have written plenty about the opportunity to get rid of my quarter Scottish wife later this week safe in the knowledge that she never reads my writings.

A friend of mine pointed out that the bookies have it 2/9 for a ‘NO’ and 5/2 for a ‘YES’.  So that’s it, the result is already decided: a resounding win for the ‘NO’ vote.

Scotland and England will be worse off for separating.  Scotland will be a lot worse off for many, many years but there is hope that it might turn things around eventually where rUK will not.  It can certainly be more agile.  I just hope the Russians don’t take a fancy to its North Sea oil rigs.  For that matter the Norwegians are just as much a threat.  Maybe the new owners will sell England the oil at a cheaper rate than the Scottish.

For myself I remember decimalisation, Big Bang and Y2K for the increase in rates and jobs in IT.  Independence will have a similar effect and, working in IT, I can see great benefits for myself.

Alas, I see many Scots walking to the cliff edge and looking down, then turning away.  On the day the ‘NO’ vote will be bigger than most expect.

It is obvious: independence is a great idea – the English should welcome independence

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