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The end of the NHS

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 29, 2014

It is obvious: political party annual conferences are useful

Today Mr Osborne said that to have the NHS as we know it (sic) we had to have increasing growth.  Go and look at your exponential curves Chancellor – you have just forecast the end of the NHS.

I heard other unchallenged nonsense but the cut-out system in my brain refused to allow it into short-term memory.

A lot of what I am reading at the moment is commentary on the drop in real earnings.  We are competing to sell our goods and services, not least to ourselves with people who are also selling the same good and service while paid a ‘dollar a day’.  These people are improving their lot as the ‘dollar a day’ now is probably more like ‘two dollars a day’.  (Does not have the same…punch to it.)  So we have to have falling wages.

They are coming up as we come down.  Alas the speeds and accelerations are not similar.

As we earn less we can afford less.  This includes, doctors, policemen, soldiers, firemen, dustbin-men and traffic wardens.  Going to have to decide what we want to keep pretty soon.  We can perhaps keep all those people but we’ll have to turn off the central heating and eat a lot less.  Perhaps walk and bus to work and not use a car.  Have to give up café Nero.

What is the way out of this?  There really isn’t one.  So when a politician tells you that a vote for him will fix the problem you need to ask him very carefully just how his ideas will do it.

The Conservative nonsense has just come back into my mind.  My cut-out is faulty.  Mr Osborne said that he had spent 4+ years fixing the economy and in the next 5 years he would cut the deficit.  However four years ago he said the deficit would be gone by now.

It is obvious: political party annual conferences are useful for filling in time on 24 hour news programmes.

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