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Baa. Baa. Baa.

Posted by chrisrick13 on October 10, 2014

It is obvious: you can do anything you want

I had an odd experience in the cinema this week.  We went to see ‘Walk among the Tombstones’.  The ticket said screen 6 which we went to.  A bit earlier than usual so sat through trailers and adverts.

Then came the tricky part.  Flashed across the screen was a Film rating certificate for ‘Rewrite’.  Then the banner stuff for a film company and then Hugh Grant talking.  After a minute of him talking I said to my wife that this was a bit long for a trailer.  Another 30 seconds and I said that as embarrassing as it was we were in the wrong cinema and had to leave.  I felt a fool creeping out as everyone just sat there.  Some 60+ people.

The one thing that helped was that outside screen 6 another guy joined us looking at his ticket in puzzlement.  I spoke to him and he was sure he was not there to see Rewrite.  We went back to the ticket man and explained our problem.  He went into oh-my-god-mode.  “We don’t have a spare screen to show Tombstones on.  I’ll talk to the manager.  Wednesday night it should be Rewrite.”  I said that it was not a problem and refund easily fixed things for another day.

We ambled back to screen 6.  The manager came running up to the projection room with the ticket guy.  “We’re going to put the right film on.”  I responded with a “which is?”.  He confirmed that it was Tombstones.

Everyone in the cinema was now 15+ minutes into Rewrite – some 60+ people.  I expected a flood of people out the doors going to make a similar complaint to ours about their film being changed after 15 minutes of viewing.

The manager came out the projection room.  “The film is starting.  You can go back in.”

We went in and sat in our seats.  I looked around.  Everyone was just sat as they had been, watching the film.  Nobody said a thing.

It is obvious: you can do anything you want and as long as they are comfortable nobody will say a word


One Response to “Baa. Baa. Baa.”

  1. Bill said

    Amazing, I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised as some people watch TV whatever is on, but if you choose to go out and spend good money on a film, then I would have expected some anoyance/reaction if it wasn’t what I selected or if the film I was watching suddenly changed.

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