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The usual suspects

Posted by chrisrick13 on October 16, 2014

It is obvious: stand up and be counted

I am concerned about Ebola.  There are a lot of people dying that really should not be.  However the incompetence that the USA has exhibited dealing with its outbreak does show that with limited resources the West African nations that have the disease are making a very good job of some very poor circumstances.

The disease could take a lot of lives before it is contained.  It could take a lot of lives before there is sufficient fear in Europe and the US for a concerted effort to be made to find preventions and cures.  Think back 20 years ago when AIDS was a death sentence with only a short time on death-row.  Now, if you live in the right place, you will be kept alive for a long time.  Long enough for the next medical advance to kick in and preserve your life even longer.  At some point this will be the path for Ebola.

To get some perspective for those of you who, like me, are afraid, in the time that 4,000 have died from Ebola 400,000 have died from Malaria and 600,000 have died from Tuberculosis.  They are diseases with different infection routes.  Ebola if unchecked will double the number of dead every, I don’t know, n weeks.  This is the same as putting a ruler on two points on graph paper and drawing a straight line.  This is a geometric curve but it can only keep on doubling if there is a population for it to double into.  As travel is more and more restricted the disease will be contained to kill most of the populations of where it exists but not beyond.

So it is in every country’s interest to help contain the disease where it exists and to try to find cure/prevention.  I have read of promises of aid by countries where the aid workers have said that they always promise but never produce.  I notice that two countries that always to do seem to promise and produce are there.  I am talking of UK and USA.  It does not matter that it is ultimate self-interest.  Where are the others?

There is one country that has run round putting money into Africa with a vengeance.  Securing resources for its own consumption and gaining favour in those countries.  After having spent billions of dollars can it put a few million into those countries to save some lives?  Of course it can.  Has it done it?  Of course it hasn’t.  Who is it?  Of course it is China.  What else would you expect?

I would mention to the top men in Beijing that they have a large country (and other countries that are not theirs).  They have polluted it with a vengeance.  They have provided toxic and exotic environments that they have just left to…fester.  How long will it be before some harmless virus in one of these environment turns into something highly dangerous to human beings?  At the very least I would be helping other countries so that come the day they might help me.

It is obvious: stand up and be counted as there are few downsides and lots of ups.


7 Responses to “The usual suspects”

  1. Bill said

    I’m with you on this one! Its a pity that the other countries that have loads of money (at least by my perception) such as China and the middle East don’t at least fund or partly fund the efforts that are being made to stem the virus. There was a lady from WHO who clarified what they were doing, which included border exit checks, ramping up facilities in countries with shared land borders etc. Which hasn’t hit the press. Unfortunately the symptoms of Ebola are similar to a lot of other viruses and so the Haz-Mat suites response to every case of a fever, probably isn’t an option. Also medical discrimination against people from West Africa in UK airports seems to be very politically sensitive if not unlawful…

  2. Mark said

    Are you sure of your source? A quick websearch on ‘ebola aid China’ throws us:

    • Good one. Not come to my notice. I would hate to have to be nice in my comments about the Chinese. I can turn it round though – having spent all that money securing assets it would be silly to devalue the investment by not kicking in a bit of aid. The Forbes comment of “unprecedented generosity” for $38 from the richest country on the planet is intended irony? How much has UK kicked in? I’m happy that they do it for self-interest – I have self-interest.

      • Mark said

        Indeed; it’s a pathetic amount. I suspect Chana are starting from a low (zero?) starting point of foreign aid.
        What they’re doing in Africa, and other places, is startlingly similar to what we did 100-150 years ago. Why is Africa falling for it AGAIN… surely it can’t be corrupt leaders, can it?

  3. Yes. I wonder how big the standing armies are in those countries? How much they spend in the military industrial complex of: USA, UK, Russia, China, Israel, France. Got to protect your investment but who is buying? It is those leaders you mention.

    Anyway I thought you didn’t read my blog because it was too depressing.

    • Mark said

      Much of China’s investment will always be secure. Whatever happens, the minerals will still be in the ground and corrupt officials will always keep themselves safe.

      I dip in occasionally – some of it is hilarious!

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