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You know…what I mean

Posted by chrisrick13 on November 7, 2014

It is obvious: do not think of red camels

I am pinned in my car at the moment for 2.5 hours a day.  Much of that time is spent listening to Radio 4’s Today and PM programmes.  There is a lot good and bad about both programmes and note that I can spell it properly.  Some items drive me to distraction.  These are peaks and troughs.  However there are some enduring themes that I find difficult to handle.  I try to develop a ‘deafness’ to them.

We all know the ‘you know’ syndrome.  It really is a new word: ‘yunno’  Notice that politicians and CEOs do not use it.  They are image trained.  Academics and subject matter experts do not use it. They have too much to say and are desperately trying to get the information across in as efficient a way as possible.  The main offenders are people with their 15 minutes of fame, footballers and entertainers.  Perhaps that is only 2 categories?

Yunno is not the only one.  I think Tony Blair started the: Look!  When asked a question they exclaim, they do not say, ‘Look’!  I expect them to follow it with, ‘there’s a UFO’, or ‘there’s a greater spotted warbler’ of ‘at the arse on that and the price of bacon’.  I often find myself jerking my head around in Pavlovian response.  But I am hearing it now on radio every day!  I thought it was a sound only medium?

When there is a link to a reporter it is usually done as a question.  “Over to our reporter in Tehran.  John, what has happened, blah, blah”.  The response almost always starts with: “well”.  I find myself counting the wells and awarding points to reporters who do not use it.  No chance of a drought on Radio 4.

There is a new kid on the block.  Again it usually happens the hand over to another person but I’ve heard it in a simple question during an interview.  They are beginning to start their response with “So”.  For example, after the bomb blast: “So we are standing by the crater…”  Perhaps it will replace the “well” which will give me some temporary relief.

Well look so I want you to count all the yunnos you hear.

It is obvious: do not think of red camels – you did, didn’t you?

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