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Posted by chrisrick13 on November 12, 2014

It is obvious: I AM NOT STUPID

Did you know that ‘fresh’ has no legal definition?  If you are selling something you can call it fresh with no come-back from anyone.  Fresh bread – made this year.  The person reading it has to go and find the definition.  If you are buying bread you are unlikely to go to the baker and check his definition.  You will need it in writing if you are to do anything about it.  We don’t find the definition we just supply our own…and it is nearly always a lot more generous one than the real definition

While I’m at it what about the sign on the car park entrance of one of my local shops: Customer Parking Only.  I have written and lengthy article on this.  Can I park before I buy something or do I have to park my car on the high street then go and fetch it when I have bought?  Having bought am I a customer?  If I am then I have got free parking on the high street forever more.  Suppose I park with the intent of buying does that make me a customer?  What if I change my mind do I have to run out and remove my car only to bring it back in again if I change my mind?  My wife will change her status hundreds of times while spending two hours in a shoe shop vacillating between customer and not-customer…while I wander the high street looking for a bus to jump under.  I need to have a serious word with the shop about their sign.  Wonder if I can park my elephant there?  (Yeah, I know.)

NEW, Improved XXX.  XXX has been improved a lot.  it costs half as much to make as it used to and our profits are hugely improved.  Does not work nearly as well as the old version.

50% EXTRA.  Means 50% extra air in our product making it look a lot bigger.

We are great ‘fillers-in’.  Information is missing we will supply a set of our own.

I remember at school we did experiments and then wrote them up.  One of the key areas was to declare our assumptions: we oiled the board so when pulling the weight along it we assumed no friction.  The results could then be viewed in the light of a small error because there is some friction no matter how little.

We need all the assumptions to be declared.  Simpler would be to have honest unambiguous advertising.  Naah.  Never sell anything.

Today the Governor of the BoE was talking about inflation at 1.2% and then made a mistake.  He said that with our assumption of 3% wage growth we will all be better off.  An assumption!  I think I’ll assume 6% wage growth and I will be even better off.  I can do assumptions for a lower rate than the Governor gets.  Things will be a lot better off under my stewardship.  I would like to hear him say that his prediction of inflation assumes…green men from Mars land in Hyde Park, China invades Japan, May the first next year is a Saturday.

He was keen to point out that wage growth was bigger than inflation.  Given that this has been Labour’s attack since plan B was discredited it is a huge coincidence that approaching the election the number suddenly destroy that attack.  But you missed it didn’t you?

The inflation measure is not the RPI that was recently used in press releases about rail travel but CPI the ‘official’ inflation measure.  CPI is the inflation measure that does not include housing costs because of course they don’t count.  They are non-core.  If they were to compare to RPI then we find that wage growth is actually wage shrinkage of more than 1%.

It is obvious: I AM NOT STUPID but I don’t have a loud voice.  One vote doesn’t do much either.

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