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Don’t treat me like an idiot!

Posted by chrisrick13 on November 22, 2014

It is obvious: it is easy to try to fool the people

British Gas sent me a big advertising package last week.  The big, front-page message was:

We’ll pay the VAT on your new boiler
Cutting 20% off its price

Suppose that the boiler costs £100 and has £20 VAT added to it before you can get your hands on it.  The boiler will cost you £120 and British Gas are taking £20 off that price.  So they are reducing the price by 16.666666% and note that I am only giving the approximate percentage reduction.

They are inaccurate in their claim and are out by 3.3333% or 20% depending on whether you take an absolute or relative point of view of the error.

Is it an error and British Gas are an incompetent bunch or is it deliberate and they are duplicitous.  Perhaps nobody has noticed.  It depresses me to think that most people looking at the advert will not realise it is incorrect – a lie.

Of course the “error” is in the direction that is of most benefit to British Gas.  They never go the other way.

It is obvious: it is easy to try to fool the people because the Advertising Standards Authority won’t do anything.

2 Responses to “Don’t treat me like an idiot!”

  1. Bill said

    I’m afraid that I’m very cynical about any nn% off offers that are about. To be honest it all depends on the price that they start from and given that manufacturers aren’t able to set a selling price then the starting points can be widely different. I think (I could be wrong) that they have to have sold the item at the price (somewhere, maybe just one store on the Outer Hebrides) at the starting price for a couple of weeks.

    My advice on dealing with salesmen is to check any rings after the initial handshake (and then count your fingers) and from that point on be less trusting. There are bargains out there but there are even more that claim to be and aren’t!

  2. Hey Nony Mouse said

    BTW – Don’t take the ‘Treating you like an idiot’ personally. It’s aimed at the general public, rather than just you, and (sadly) most of them can be fooled by such glib percentage reductions…

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