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Still – I’m not stupid

Posted by chrisrick13 on December 7, 2014

It is obvious: say something nice about me
I’m used to seeing celebrities on BBC ‘news’ programs being interviewed.  I know why but the reason is not obvious until the end: and I hear you have a new book/film/play/record/some-business-venture-or-another.

I wouldn’t mind if they had invited me on to plug my new book but they did not.

Three weeks ago it was agrochemical day where they played the 30-second video saying that insecticides were good.  I wonder who paid for the production of that video?  I wonder what other money or favours were handed out?

Last week was pharmaceutical company week.  First up was GSK saying something quite insubstantial about their work on Ebola drugs…at length and repeatedly.  This was followed 2 days later with MSD saying something equally as vague about their research into Ebola vaccines…at length and repeatedly.  I wonder what was handed out for this to happen.

I wonder that it is news and I really do wonder who is benefiting?  Certainly not the listeners.

It is obvious: say something nice about me.  How much money have you got?


3 Responses to “Still – I’m not stupid”

  1. Cynic said

    The politicians do not have the time to meet real people. The media do not have time to meet real people. Instead they base their decisions on what their ‘friends’ tell them is important.

    A lot of BIG companies (and other pressure groups too) pay a lot of money to specialist firms called Lobbyists to be ‘Friends’ with them. (IE: Flatter them, buy them nice meals, and lots of booze, plus take them to events but in special enclosures where ‘real’ people aren’t allowed)

    Amazing though it might seem, the politics and news gets slanted in a way that these pressure lobbies want. [Bet they wouldn’t pay the fantastic sums they do unless this was the end result.]

    However that wasn’t what you wanted me to say – here it comes – You are truely amazing author and I’ve bought your book!

  2. Cynic said

    Mind you the General Election is coming soon. Bet the politicians change from listening to ‘friends’ to listening to the polls very soon. Beware its only until May – then back to Business As Usual!

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